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NEW ISSUE: Sim Street Journal Issue #9 • 2014 (CONTENTS)

Enterprising people know that continuous learning is a life-long process. Virtual pioneers all confess that a large motivation for having a “second life” is to learn, develop ideas, test talents, consider potentials, and to be inspired by friends.

Learning, both through the entrepreneurial informality and the professional formality, is stretched to new horizons in the virtual landscape. All those committed to the environment’s advantages over other platforms, agree that the potential is far from utilized, but will be.

Through a shakeout, virtual schools are evolving to best use the medium. With so many uses virtually, the delivery of classes to students is just one on a list of applications. How Second Life® and Opensims evolve will divide or bridge the communities in the next phase.

Learning varies by intent. The entrepreneurs make their own way, usually without…

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Hi My name is Jack Johnson aka Kran Trueblood, I am the site owner and administrator for am a publicist of Indie Music Musicians and a promoter or Indie Music Artist and Venues both in the physical world and the virtual world of the Indie Music Industry.
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