24 hour day cycles are coming to Second Life

Jo Yardley's Second Life

I’ve been nagging, bribing and begging for a 24 hour day cycle in Second Life for a very long time.
You can read my first blog about it from 2012 by clicking here.

Every opportunity I’ve had I brought it up, bothering poor Lindens with it everywhere I could find them, even Ebbe himself.

But I realised that this was something only of interest to a few people and thus, rightfully so, Linden Lab we’re not that interested in putting a lot of time into it.

Nevertheless I kept asking about it and I am sure so did others.

And I kept changing the windlight setting in 1920s Berlin twice a day… by hand!
In 4 regions…
You can imagine that this is quite a pesky job!
And when I had a hangover after a wild RL party… Berlin wouldn’t see sun till in the afternoon!

After all I want to…

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