Program Guide: 2016 Mental Health Week ‘You are not alone’

The Neighborhood

You are not alone

The Neighborhood’s
2016 Mental Health Week

April 4 – 10, 2016

“When your close family member (parent, sibling, cousin) suffers from bipolar disorder, you can’t help but consider the inheritability of the disorder. You’re constantly checking yourself for signs of crazy.” – Marguerite Suzette Rodriguez Sanders

2016 Mental Health Week Presenters

Program Guide

Monday April 4
Noon PST: Addiction presented by Kendall F. Person
6:00pm PST: Short Film

Tuesday April 5
Noon: Anorexia presented by Rebecca Lemke, 2015 A Star is Born Title Holder
6:00pm PST: Cutting presented by Erin Farris

Wednesday, April 6
Noon: Manic presented by Brittany Day
6:00pm PST: Depression presented by Suzanne Davidson
8:00pm PST: The Depths of Crazy – Featured Presentation

Thursday, April 7
Noon: Panic Attack presented by Marc Christian
6:00pm PST: Victim Syndrome presented by Kendall F. Person
8:00pm PST The Depths of Crazy continues

Friday, April 8
Noon: Bipolar presented by Marguerite Suzette…

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