Bring your Second Life into real life with Augmented Reality

Jo Yardley's Second Life

Ever thought about meeting a SL avatar face to face in your RL living room?
Or see your SL house appear in front of you on the drive outside your RL home?
Or perhaps work on a SL dress in your RL workshop?
Thanks to Augmented Reality this is now becoming a possibility and it is only the beginning.

James Reichert has been working with Virtual and Augmented reality for years and early on experimented with Kinect, 3D tv and even building his own virtual surroundings for presentations. During his research he discovered Second Life, joined as Illiastra Ascendent, explored this virtual world, created something, sold something and, like the rest of us, was doomed hooked.

Recently James started experimenting with the Microsoft Hololens in combination with Second Life and his very first tests are already very promising and exciting.

Look for instance at this video he made, showing a SL-like…

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Hi My name is Jack Johnson aka Kran Trueblood, I am the site owner and administrator for am a publicist of Indie Music Musicians and a promoter or Indie Music Artist and Venues both in the physical world and the virtual world of the Indie Music Industry.
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