Sunday Magic at the Winds, 7 August.

The Winds of the Sahara Cabaret

Camels munched quietly outside the theatre as audience members began to enter to find a good viewing spot in anticipation of another spectacular Winds production.

The usual air of excitement drifted from the dressing rooms, you could feel it enveloping you. Our beautiful hostess Shanny greeted people as they arrived. How lovely she looked resplendent in a yellow gown. She announced that tonight was sponsor week and a draw for the lucky winner would take place near the end of the show.  Our sponsor tonight was from Lina the owner of ‘Insatiable Dreams Designs’ a first class boutique and she generously donated a L$500 gift card. Thank you Lina!!

1 Shanny

Our show was ready to start.  What an opener it was as we were brought to a gypsy camp to witness a dance by the dwellers of it. Choreographed by Jo and joined by Roni, Seb and Tray they frolicked bare…

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