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Submitted for your perusal (Yes! I know the word is supposed to be approval, but I like the way perusal sounds better and I am the one writing this, so hush!)…..A musical puppet suddenly comes to life as a real man……another man, having wore the same clothing for years suddenly shows up in a suit. […]

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What Bernie Sanders Gave to America Today



Today, my hero, Bernie Sanders, endorsed Hillary Clinton, a woman that I truly believe is sociopathic, for the office of the President of the United States and then immediately the sun hid behind a cloud and it began to rain.

I was grateful for the rain.

It’s been pretty humid here for the last several days and I was in need of the empathy.

I fought back tears as I left the gym.

I am not afraid to cry.

I just prefer to do it while I am writing.

I went home and grabbed my laptop.

I knew all this fire stinging my eyes was way too complex to be worked out with a box of tissues or a ton of free weights.

I made a point to stay off social media.

I had no time for haters, turncoats or conspiracy theorists.

I drove to the coffee shop and put in…

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Birdy – Words [Official]

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Gifts For All Occasions Online @


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A Small World for art in Second Life

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Small World Gallery: toysoldier ThorSmall World Gallery: Toysoldier Thor

Update: The formal opening of Small World Arts will take place on Saturday, June 4th at 11:00 SLT, with Samm Qendra performing live at SWA’s event venue. Further details to follow.

Silas Merlin poked me in the direction of the Small World Arts Sim and Mall (SWA for short), operated by Mikey Jefford (mikeythai) – and I have to say, as galleries go, it is an impressive space. While not completely occupied, the gallery occupies two wings of a building reaching up to 4 stories into the air, and located in lush surroundings in which further art and attractions can be found, spread over two regions.

Designed by Addi Tachikawa (Adrienne Falconer), the gallery builds offer a modern wood, glass and steel design which provides plenty of exhibition space – artists have a number of linked side halls apiece, which all open off of…

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Bring your Second Life into real life with Augmented Reality

Jo Yardley's Second Life

Ever thought about meeting a SL avatar face to face in your RL living room?
Or see your SL house appear in front of you on the drive outside your RL home?
Or perhaps work on a SL dress in your RL workshop?
Thanks to Augmented Reality this is now becoming a possibility and it is only the beginning.

James Reichert has been working with Virtual and Augmented reality for years and early on experimented with Kinect, 3D tv and even building his own virtual surroundings for presentations. During his research he discovered Second Life, joined as Illiastra Ascendent, explored this virtual world, created something, sold something and, like the rest of us, was doomed hooked.

Recently James started experimenting with the Microsoft Hololens in combination with Second Life and his very first tests are already very promising and exciting.

Look for instance at this video he made, showing a SL-like…

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ArtistSignal | Passin’ Notes/Destyni

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