NO RULES: A Personal Interview with Guitarist Stratakat

slum magazine

by Jami Mills, rez magazine.

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George Beauchamp and Stratakat have never met, but they would have been in awe of one another. Back in 1931, Beauchamp did Stratakat a huge favor by developing the first successful electric guitar and launching the electRO-PATin-Instrument Company with Adolph Rickenbacker (yes, *that* Rickenbacker) a year later. And just imagine the look on Beauchamp’s face if he could have heard what Stratakat has done with his nifty invention. Of course, we should also tip our hats to Les Paul, who created the first solid body electric guitar, and we can’t forget Leo Fender, without whom Stratakat would have needed to choose another name.

For over 80 years, the electric guitar has transformed popular culture like few things have. In the 1960s, Bob Dylan had to beef up his security on stage to protect him from angry fans who found his switch to electric guitar…

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Gacha on the menu curb the craving !

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Face it, we all have that need to find a bargain, a deal, or that perfect item. It is more than an addiction, it is a way of life. We are constantly on the move…

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It Takes All Kinds — After Dark Lounge

There is one thing I love more about After Dark than anything else. Yes, I adore the music and the amazing company when I am there, but above all of that I love the open mindedness, the taking of all kinds. Of course there are rules that have to be followed. After Dark is on…

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SL Jam…..Experience Of a Lifetime of Laughter

Adventures of Tipsy!

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Sunday Magic at the Winds, 7 August.

The Winds of the Sahara Cabaret

Camels munched quietly outside the theatre as audience members began to enter to find a good viewing spot in anticipation of another spectacular Winds production.

The usual air of excitement drifted from the dressing rooms, you could feel it enveloping you. Our beautiful hostess Shanny greeted people as they arrived. How lovely she looked resplendent in a yellow gown. She announced that tonight was sponsor week and a draw for the lucky winner would take place near the end of the show.  Our sponsor tonight was from Lina the owner of ‘Insatiable Dreams Designs’ a first class boutique and she generously donated a L$500 gift card. Thank you Lina!!

1 Shanny

Our show was ready to start.  What an opener it was as we were brought to a gypsy camp to witness a dance by the dwellers of it. Choreographed by Jo and joined by Roni, Seb and Tray they frolicked bare…

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Thomas Gainsborough’s ‘Showbox’ Paintings — A R T L▼R K

On the 2nd of August 1788, English painter Thomas Gainsborough died in London at the age of 61. One of the most unusual artworks created by the artist, now on display at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, is his experimental showbox with his back-lit landscapes painted in oils on glass, which allowed them to be […]

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Hide and Seek in Second Life — Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Hide & Seek – click any image for full size It affects us all at one time or another, that feeling of wanting to get away from things for a bit and find somewhere serene where we can wander with our thoughts. Somewhere away from the bricks and mortar, where tracks allow our feet to […]

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